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Would You LIke a Trained, Happy and Calm Dog?

Does your dog create constant stress in your life by displaying such misbehaviours as: running to the road, jumping on family members and guests, pulling on the leash during walks, chewing, barking or ignoring your pleas to come back? From our experience working with many breeds, we offer a holistic, dog-friendly training and private education sessions to once and for all create a well-balanced and calm dog that is a true best friend!

Our area of expertise focuses on successful resolution of the following  issues, using a systematic, behaviour-specific approach:

      • fundamental dog obedience
      • leash aggression
      • rescue dog anxieties
      • nipping or biting hands/feet
      • ignoring the owner when outdoors
      • aggression towards other dogs
      • aggression towards humans
      • reactivity towards bicycles, skateboards, etc’
      • excessive barking
      • problem eaters
      • travel tantrums
      • over-protective dogs
      • separation anxiety in the home or car

or any other situation where you are at the end of the proverbial rope(leash) and need help to get the right answer to resolve the issue for you and your dog! We can help, so why not fix the problem once and for all?

Effective Private Puppy and Adult Dog Training (for any behavioral concern that you would like resolved).
Rate: At this time our training consultation is free. Enjoy!
– Every training approach is discussed thoroughly with the owner in order to achieve an understanding and consent for successful training.

To have a dog that is both a joy to have and your best friend, contact us today at 604-760-0995.